1. Some of the photos without GPS data.  How can I fix it ?

No GPS data will be recorded in the photo when the GPS reception is weak or even without signal.  You can paste GPS data from last photo with GPS data to those without data.  

Please download the ViewNXi here :-


Click on the following link for tutorial on "Copy GPS information to photo without GPS data" :-



2. Why can’t I lock to satellite / receive the signal / get the LED light fixed ?

For the first time usage when you receive your unit, please follow the below steps to have a cold start :-

i. Disable the “auto-meter off” in your camera (Go to Menu of your camera -> setup menu -> GPS -> Auto Meter Off -> Disable -> OK); and

ii. Attach the GPS to the camera and turn on the camera ; and

iii. Go to a location with open sky ; and

iv. Handle the camera (with the GPS attached) facing upwards; and

v. In stationary.

GPS signal will be acquired within 2 minutes.

3. Why should I disable the “auto-meter off” in my camera when acquiring GPS signal?

Auto-metering system in your camera will stop GPS signal acquisition at the time you specified, or 1 min, whichever is longer. However, 1 minute is not enough for first time GPS signal acqusition. It needs about 1-2 minutes to complete the registration, Therefore, “auto-meter off” function should be disabled to allow sufficient time for GPS signal acquisition.

4. Why does the GPS report GPS data with 90 degree in North Pole in my photo?

It is the default data in the memory of GPS device. When the GPS device reports N90 degree in your photo, it means that the GPS device has not completed the registration during GPS signal acquisition. When the GPS unit is acquiring the signal, it will synchronize the clock to the memory from the satellites before getting the GPS data. At that moment, no GPS data is received yet. When you shoot, as there is no current GPS data available but only the current clock, the unit will report the last position data to the file, that is N90 with the current time.

Please wait for a few second before the GPS locked to the satellite when you shoot.

5. It is not the first time usage of this GPS device, but I found the acquisition time is a bit longer than the specification. What can I do?

For the continuous usage, if you think the acquisition time is a bit longer than the specification, please try to handle the camera with di-GPS device point to the sky occassionally. It will speed up the GPS signal acquisition time. In normal case, it should not be longer time 2 minutes.

6. What is the difference between di-GPS Eco ProFessional and di-GPS Eco ProFessional M?

The difference between di-GPS Eco ProFessional and di-GPS Eco ProFessional M is the function about last position GPS data:-

~Eco ProFessional : Last Position Retention "LPR"

~Eco ProFessional M: Last Position Memory "LPM"

Difference between Last Position Retention "LPR" and Last Position Memory "LPM" :-

1. Both LPR and LPM allow you to shoot with last position GPS data (when GPS signal is not available, camera and GPS is "on").

2. LPM retains the last position GPS data when the GPS is connected to the camera (even though the camera and GPS is "off"). LPR will lose the last position GPS data when the camera is "off" or disconnected to the GPS.

3. LPM allows you to disconnect the GPS to the camera and reconnect it within 2 minutes, probably for battery replacement.

7. What is the difference between di-GPS M3-MTK-S5 and di-GPS Eco ProSumer M?

For di-GPS M3-MTK-S5, there is a cable connecting the GPS and the camera. It can be mounted onto the hotshoe or the strap of the camera.

For di-GPS Eco ProSumer M, it can be plugged onto the camera 10 pin connector directly. The GPS device can be held on the camera without falling unless you are intended to remove it from the camera.

8. Can I use di-GPS Eco ProSumer M on my Nikon D3100 / D3300 / D5000 / D750?

As the GPS port of Nikon D3100 / D3300 / D5000 / D750 is at high on the left side of the camera, di-GPS Eco ProSumer M will be a bit protruded from the camera when it is attached to the camera. 

9. Where can I download the user guide?

Please go to http://di-gps.com/shop/di-GPS-download for downloading user guide of your di-GPS.

10. What is the best free software for viewing the photos with GPS data?

We suggest you to use Nikon ViewNX2 for viewing the photos with GPS data. Please go to http://http://imaging.nikon.com/lineup/software/viewnx2/ for downloading the software.

If you prefer using Google map, please convert the format of the GPS data before browsing. You can convert the format of data at http://transition.fcc.gov/mb/audio/bickel/DDDMMSS-decimal.html 

11. Do you have reseller in Europe?

We have the following reseller in Europe :-

GPS-CAMERA.EU at http://www.gps-camera.eu/ 

Pro! Trade Omnifoto at http://www.omnifoto.nl/index.php 

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